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Below is some of my work from The Daily Free Press.


Stewart walks, talks to BU
January 30, 2009
Rory Stewart’s prize-winning book “The Places In Between” chronicled his walk through Afghanistan, from Herat to Kabul, just after the Taliban fell in 2001. To make it to Boston University, where he explained his take on foreign policy to about 100 students and professors at the Castle Thursday afternoon, Stewart said a professor “very kindly gave me a ride.” . . . read more

Playboy comes for BC girls
March 26, 2009

All around Boston College are depictions of Christ bearing the cross. When Playboy came to town this week, though, the magazine was looking for co-eds willing to bear their breasts. . . . read more

Landlords challenge undergraduate zoning law
April 24, 2008

On March 13, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino signed off on an amendment to the city zoning code, making it illegal for more than four full-time undergraduate students to rent an apartment together. The amendment, unanimously approved by the City Council in December and approved by the Zoning Commission March 12, immediately went into effect. With the flick of a pen, pre-existing living arrangements across the city were made illegal. . . . read more

Private colleges would open police records with state bill
April 18, 2008

Boston University police records, along with those at private colleges across the state, could soon become public, if a bill approved yesterday by a legislative committee becomes law. . . . read more

Federal ruling a respite from RIAA suits
April 4, 2008

At 6:56 a.m. on Jan. 25, 2007, a private investigator, employed by the Recording Industry Association of America, downloaded the Coldplay song “Clocks” from Doe No. 21, an anonymous peer-to-peer user connected to a filesharing program through Boston University’s Internet service, according to court documents. Later, the music industry giant approached the school for access to Doe’s personal information, ready to nail him with a copyright infringement suit. . . . read more

Community service for man charged with Claflin assaults
March 17, 2008
Two men who entered a Boston University dormitory Jan. 20, one of whom faced charges of indecent assault and battery, agreed to take probation time and do community service in lieu of a full trial, the district attorney’s office confirmed March 10. . . . read more

Front-runners campaign in Mass. on primary eve
February 5, 2008

Clinton’s bold yellow jacket belied staged ebullience, but as she spoke her first words to the crowd, a hoarse voice hinted at the long hours she has spent touring the country in a final push to gather supporters for Super Tuesday, when an unprecedented 22 states will hold their presidential primaries at once. . . . read more

Where bad art is in good company

January 24, 2007

Following the disappearance of a key piece from a local art museum in 1996, officials pleaded for the return of the work and offered a reward for its safe recovery. They took to the streets, scouring the curbsides and junk piles whence many Museum of Bad Art masterpieces had been collected. The theft of R. Angelo Le’s “Eileen” disturbed curators and collectors whose search efforts were in vain. . . . read more

Lives of student soldiers
December 15, 2006
A self-proclaimed “nerd extraordinaire,” John Stivers, 25, said he did not seem like the sort to go into the military after high school. He said he had a lot going for him and was accepted into his Ivy League dream school, where he hoped to study medicine. Yet, when finances restricted his college choices, Stivers decided to enlist into the Marine Corps with the intention of working his way into college. . . . read more


How to talk to a Red Sox fan (if you must)
April 9, 2009
Ah, opening day! The smell of Fenway Franks grilling on Yawkey Way, the crack of the bat and whatever else happens at a baseball game. I don’t know what that is since I’ve never actually been to one, and I’ve certainly never watched nine innings start to finish on TV. I’d rather catch a curve ball with my face than listen to the Sox’ every play described on the radio. . . . read more

The Free Press — great or greatest student newspaper?
May 2, 2008

Many say the newspaper is disappearing. Experts, bloggers and, I suspect, more than a couple people at Boston University believe, as the snotty kid in a recent Simpsons episode said, “Ha ha, your medium is dying.” . . . read more

Quality control must match cost increases
March 17, 2008

Seventeen-year-olds are not given many legal rights: They cannot vote, drink alcohol, run for elected office or serve on a jury. Why, then, is it that American youth, most often at the excitable and impressionable age of 17, apply for acceptance at colleges that in total cost us more than a mortgage we cannot obtain, and begin a lending process that will take us into our 30s? . . . read more


A modern lesson in racism
September 21, 2007
America has a legacy of racial conflict and injustice. Discuss. . . . read more

Community during crisis
October 1, 2007
For nearly 1,800 students, Warren Towers is home. This weekend, when report of a sexual assault made its way around Warren, the shock of an attack on campus was intensified . . . read more

Anti-feminist follies
November 15, 2007
Phyllis Schlafly’s presence on campus last night brought together a group of curious students — from a community often self-characterized as apathetic — to behold a relic of American history and engage the icon of the anti-feminism movement. . . . read more